Widex Arlington Heights, IL

  • Widex believes in a world without communication barriers. They have been working collectively towards this common goal for over seven decades now. Honestly, they have come quite far into achieving their goals. The whole Widex product lineage is based on the sole purpose of digitalizing the hearing aid devices. Resellers like HearingOnCall provide assistance to such manufacturers as a medium to decreasing the communication barriers.

Widex hearing aids are available in a variety of Behind the ear or BTE hearing aid devices. The size, shape, and other specifications of these hearing aid devices are customized according to user requirements. Furthermore, Widex devices are compatible with many applications and accessories to increase the device’s user experience further.

For Example, the Zen Program is designed especially for tinnitus patients to relax their minds by stimulating relaxing tones. Similarly, the audibility extender helps users to differentiate between the lower and higher pitch of sounds. The Connectclip mic allows you to connect and control your hearing aid device wirelessly using either a smartphone or physical remote control. The best news is that all these accessories and many others are available directly from the HearingOnCall center in Arlington Heights, IL.

Widex Products:

Widex produces a wide variety of products suitable for everyone. The products have some standard features such as noise-cancellation, water-resistance, programmable push-buttons, etc. The general idea about these products can be obtained from the following table:

Features Passion Fusion Fashion Power CIC
Battery timing (hours) 100 170 285 100
Gain (Decibels) 63 63 77 62
Widex Accessories:


This small remote control allows the Widex customers to make adjustments without touching their hearing aids. This remote controller is small enough to fit in your pocket, wallet, or even a keychain, so you can carry it around with your all the time. Moreover, the safety switch provides extra protection from accidental touches. The controller becomes unfunctional until the user turns off the safety switch. Users who prefer to be more secretive about their hearing aids can use the remote from inside their pocket. However, it would be best if you got used to the button layout before attempting such operations.

The AC-DEX remote control allows you to perform essential device-controlling features with just a single finger. The physical buttons on the remote control are straightforward to operate once you get used to the layout. You can use the AC-DEX to control volume, switch programs, or even mute/unmute your hearing aid.


Neckbands are very trending among the folks these days. Almost everyone is using wireless neckband headsets in the streets. So if you are the shy type, this neckband will help you hide your hearing impairments. You can wear this rechargeable accessory around the neck like a typical wireless band. It has a high-capacity battery that can streams audio for up to 40 hours directly to Widex hearing aids.
Users plug the mini-jack cable that comes with the UNI-DEX into a mobile phone or any audio device with a mini-jack output. Once plugged in, streaming starts immediately. In addition to streaming audio, it allows users to talk hands-free while on their mobile phones, which is especially useful when driving.


The TV-DEX also allows Widex hearing aid users to have a better TV-watching experience. You can use this wireless device to enjoy high-quality stereo sound without distortion for up to 10 hours. The Room OFF feature allows you to mute the hearing aid’s microphone for a disturbance-free streaming experience. You can easily unmute the microphone when you are done streaming with just the touch of a hand. The unmuted hearing device can hear conversations or other background noise again. Moreover, you can also stream music on your TV-DEX by pairing it with a music player through Bluetooth.


As we know, Widex customers with EVOKE, DREAM, UNIQUE, or SUPER hearing aids have issues with their smartphone connections. They can’t use the calling feature without making an alteration to the device settings before every call. The Call-DEX allows you to hear conversations through your smartphone by streaming the phone’s audio directly to the hearing aid. All you need to do is connect this accessory with your phone using Bluetooth or Aux. Once plugged in. this device streams conversations to the user’s hearing aids. Users will hear cell phone conversations more clearly with 80 hours of battery life.


TV is an essential part of everyone’s life, but not everyone gets to enjoy the clear sound, even with hearing aids. It is because most of the hearing aids either catch too much noise from the environment or cancel the TV sounds complete. This device won the Red Dot Award for design in 2018. The Evoke app users can control their listening experience by eliminating other sounds. This way, they can enjoy a normal conversation while simultaneously watching TV. The innovative TV-play technology allows you to control the balance of sounds. The dual antennas provide an uninterrupted connection to the users even if they move around. The TV PLAY is compatible with Widex EVOKE hearing aids.


This high-quality listening device is an excellent choice for people with hearing impairment. Those who want the ultimate FM radio streamed with crystal clear sound quality directly to their wireless hearing aids can use the FM+DEX accessory.  This device connects wirelessly to any nearby FM radio and transmits the audio signals back to the hearing aid device. You can also use the telecoil feature and the AUX-type connection for better sound quality.

Other features of the FM+DEX include volume control, program selection. You can also lock program and volume to prevent accidental or enforced changes to your pleasure mood. The rechargeable battery can support up to 10 hours of streaming and a 90-foot connection range.


  • Widex is well-known for producing reliable hearing aids at a reasonable price. Their products are highly-customized and support many different apps and accessories. These devices are available from HearingOnCall if you live near Cary, IL.