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  • Widex is one of the oldest and most advanced manufacturers of hearing aids. Technology and digitalization are the main focus of this company since its start in 1956. All of the Widex products feature unique digital features that are mostly absent in other hearing aids. Widex also has stringent rules in terms of resellers. They don’t authorize unless they meet their requirements. HearingOnCall is an official reseller of Widex in Cary, IL.

Widex is a well-known manufacturer in the world of hearing aid producers. They have to maintain the customer satisfaction levels by allowing a massive room for personal customizations according to individual requirements. Therefore, Widex has set a strict procedure for authorizing any reseller to sell their products in their service center.

Digital customization is the main philosophy of Widex. All of their models are highly customized and take good care of user-device interaction in their devices. No agency is authorized unless they have an expert team of audiologists to provide in-person customization to each consumer before closing the case. HearingOnCall is an authorized reseller of Widex in Cary, IL. It means that they have a staff of professional audiologists to take good care of their patients at a very reasonable price.

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Widex products

There is a wide variety of Widex products available at HearingOnCall Cary, IL. Moreover, all these models come in a number of different variants. It is not possible to enlist all these models in a single place. It would be best if you visited their website.

Features Passion Fusion Fashion Power CIC
Battery timing (hours) 100 170 285 100
Gain (Decibels) 63 63 77 62

All of the Widex models are based on four basic technology levels. The level of technology determines the features, specifications, and price for each of these products. These four levels are 110,220,330 and 440, respectively. Different variants and products are optimized and introduced according to their comparison with these technology model levels. Furthermore, each product’s price is finalized after the results from these levels are passed and published by the testing team of Widex.

For instance, the 110 offers better performance in quiet places but comes at a reasonable price. Similarly, the 440 models provide better background noise cancellation even during outdoor activities, but they are expensive. With this, you can get a general idea about the level of noise you encounter in your daily life and select the most suitable product accordingly.

Moreover, the technology levels also determine several Other features of the device as well. These features include speech enhancement and directionality. If you don’t know much about your requirement, consider taking an appointment from HearingOnCall service center to receive professional counseling in Cary, IL. Their team of experts will inquire about your daily routine, workplace, and other personal aspects to determine your device requirements.


Digitalization of hearing aid is the general motto of Widex manufacturers. They provide the best customer services to their customers regardless of the device choice. With every purchase, you get access to the premium apps by Widex. These apps are available on both Google Play Store as well as Apple Appstore. You can use these apps to connect your smartphone with the hearing aid for a seamless user experience. Some of these apps are discussed below:


Do you need a remote control for your hearing aid device? Well, no more! Because Widex ToneLink apps allow your mobile to become a virtual remote control for your hearing aid device. You can perform useful functions such as volume control, connection management, and even program selection using the Tonelink application. Furthermore, this application is available for both Android and IOS devices and utilizes Bluetooth for connection.


Widex apps’ best thing is that they are not universal, just like the hearing aid devices. Even the applications are fully optimized as well as customized according to each model. The Evoke mobile app is designed especially for users who own a Widex Evoke hearing aid device. This app allows you to take full benefit from machine learning, also known as AI technology.

With this app, users can take complete control of their Widex EVOKE hearing aid. You can perform basic customizations such as volume management as well as connection control. The Evoke models’ best feature is that uses with 220-440 technology level devices can create custom sound profiles such as work, home, park, etc. You can change the current profile just by tapping on the desired settings. Moreover, you can even set the audio receiver’s direction for an ultra-focused sound experience during deep conversations.


Tinnitus is a wide-spread condition for many individuals all across the USA. Such individuals face symptoms such as ringing in the ears or buzzing sounds in their heads. It makes the user unable to focus entirely on an object or sound. When paired with a Zen application, the Zen devices produce relaxing sounds and ensure the user’s better to focus. Like all previous apps, you can set the volume, change the connection, select the program, and set the tone according to your mode. Moreover, you don’t need a hearing aid to use Zen Tones, i.e., you can listen to the relaxing sounds using any headset or headphones.


The Widex Beyond devices are customized for younger customers. These devices are very stylish and completely hidden from the public. The Beyond application is available from Google Play Store and Apple Appstore. You can download this app for free and pair it with your Beyond Hearing aid device. Once paired, you can control all the different aspects of your device, such as volume and connection. Lastly, the young generation relies greatly on streaming services for entertainment. Therefore, the Beyond app allows you to connect directly to any streaming service and enjoy high-quality sound in your hearing aid.


  • Widex is one of the largest manufacturers of hearing aid. The first widex production started back in 1956 and has groomed dramatically since then. Widex devices are highly customizable and are available from HearingOnCall in Cary, IL.