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In the distant 1903, Hans Demant went to England to bring a hearing aid for his wife. Soon after that, he decided to help other people in his country with hearing loss and began to import hearing aids on a regular basis. In 1904 Hans Demant, a resident of Denmark founded company Oticon. Later, the family business moved to Hans's son, William, who continued the work of his father. Because of the Second World War, imports became impossible, and William was engaged in designing and manufacturing hearing aids. So at that time, the first licensed Danish hearing aid appeared. Now, Oticon hearing aids are innovative developments combined with the company's main idea: "Everything we do always start with the people for whom we are doing it. First people". Today, Oticon has offices all around the world. You can order Oticon hearing aids in Wisconsin and Illinois in our online store.

Technology Created to Help the Brain

Technology Created to Help the Brain
BrainHearing technology invented by Oticon together with Eriksholm Research Centre not only helps people to hear better but also provides a full life! The process of speech recognition is very complicated. Getting inside the inner ear, the sounds turn into neuro-signals, and the brain processes them in this form. BrainHearing helps the brain understand sounds that have been distorted at the entrance to the ear. This technology works on the Inium Sense platform and is equipped with such advanced developments as Inium Sense feedback shield, Speech Rescue, YouMatic, Speech Guard E, Soft Speech Booster, Free Focus and Spatial Sound. The last two make orientation in the sound space easier, help the brain to separate sounds and quickly determine their source. Speech Guard E promotes better speech recognition in noisy environments, for example, when talking with friends in crowded places. It requires less effort to understand words and a person can freely enjoy the conversation. YouMatic was created to customize hearing aid to the individual needs and preferences of each so that listening is as comfortable as possible.

All these characteristics of the Oticon hearing aids facilitate the hard work of the brain and guarantee the owner the possibility of unconstrained communication and participation in important events. A healthy life is a life filled with a variety of natural sounds! Try it out with Hearing on Call - your reliable local provider of Oticon hearing aids in Milwaukee and Chicago.

Simple Management of Hearing Aid with Wireless Connection

In their practice, Oticon hearing aids manufacturers use foremost technologies to satisfy all the requirements of the modern world. Want to broadcast music or voiceovers video wireless right into the hearing aid? The line of Oticon multifunctional devices is compatible with other electronic devices, such as TV, audio equipment or smartphone, which makes life even more convenient! The holder can easily set up the transfer of calls from the phone directly to the hearing aid thanks to the ConnectLine wireless communication system. Or it can adjust the sound settings using the remote control. Explore the finest choice of Oticon hearing aids in Illinois and Wisconsin by browsing our online catalog.
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