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  • Oticon is the largest and most competitive hearing aid manufacturer in the USA. They use the most advanced technology for producing the perfect hearing aid for everyone. Moreover, most of the Oticon hearing aids are highly customizable according to the comfort of the patient. HearingOnCall is the leading reseller of Oticon hearing aids in Cary, IL. This article will discuss all you need to know about Oticon products.

The idea of Brain Hearing and the OPN concept is that the brain is the best filter of sound. All of the sound directed towards the brain is either accepted or rejected on the basis of the content’s importance. It means that the brain focuses on sound’s significance rather than the specific direction or combination of pitch and loudness.

The approach of brain-hearing has been shown to reduce listening effort. It minimizes the amount of work done by the eardrum and other parts of the inner ear by deflecting the brain’s sounds. It works very well with patients who have mild to moderate hearing loss.

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Most of the hearing aid providers hide their prices until you agree to be treated by them. It provides them with an opportunity to charge you with extra money. On the other hand, HearingOnCall stations discuss the price information before starting any procedures. You can even view the price list for all our different hearing aid devices. It means that we charge only the right amount for our services.

Moreover, they take care of our customers better than everyone else. The HearingOnCall trusts that you should only pay when you are satisfied with the services. That’s why you are allowed to spend with the purchase, or you can even play along the way. It saves you from the hidden charges forced by many other hearing aid providers.

Features Ruby More Xceed Siya
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Oticon is the most advanced as well as the oldest manufacturer of hearing aids. The first Oticon hearing aid device was introduced in 1992 ever since their list of technological advancements and medical breakthroughs is increasing every year.

Oticon devices are compatible with a large number of optional accessories and smartphone apps. You can make full use of the hearing aid by connecting it to your preferred accessory. Here is the most notable features you can get from HearingOnCall Cary, IL service center:

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TV Adapter 3.0

Watching TV with your family can be really annoying because you can’t hear the too low volume and they can’t bear too high volume. Moreover, most TV accessories with hearing aid only support a single channel of audio. It means that either you can get the sound in your hearing aid, or the partner can hear through a TV speaker.

The TV Adapter 3.0 is a small device that connects to any TV or LED. It transmits the audio through two channels simultaneously. This means the adapter sound is separate from the TV speaker, so your listening partners have individual volume control. Finally, the long-range TV adapter can stream the TV audio up to 45 feet.

Connect Clip Microphone

The Connect Clip is an excellent multi-function device. First, as the name suggests, it is a very directional remote microphone. It allows you to determine the microphone’s direction of receiving sound. It allows you to control the effect of distance, reverberation. You can set the focus mode to a specific direction towards a talking person on a TV stream. By picking up speech very close to the person talking, you can wirelessly stream clear speech to your hearing aids. This feature also makes full use of the hearing aid’s noise-cancellation quality by minimizing all the background noise and creating an in-depth focus on the selected object. You can set the wireless focus from up to about 60 feet away.

Another great feature of the connect-clip microphone is that it acts as a simple remote control for volume and program change. This feature is slightly outdated as most of these features can be controlled through the mobile application. However, it remains useful for older people with hearing issues. Those who prefer to move the old way love the use of this feature.


Oticon hearing aid devices are compatible with smartphone connections. You can pair your hearing aid with any smartphone running either IOS or Android through a Bluetooth connection. Once connected, you can use the hearing aid as a standard wireless headset.

The Bluetooth connection can be used to stream music, watch movies or listen to audiobooks right in your hearing aid. Furthermore, you can even make and receive calls without even touching your cellphone. The addition of Bluetooth technology certainly made hearing aids the devices of the future.

ConnectLine App

Oticon has introduced a new application for smartphones running on Android OS. The ConnectLine App reportedly connects with Oticon hearing solutions through the Streamer Pro for ease of accessibility. The streamer Pro allows you to connect your hearing aid device simultaneously to multiple programs. Moreover, you can switch between the connections with just a few taps. Oticon reports that users can move seamlessly from listening to music with its new app to phone calls and video chats.

The ConnectLine app comes with several features that you can utilize in your daily life. For example, previously, when using multiple channels, you could only adjust the master volume. It means that you will need to change the volume every time you change your connection program. However, with the new ConnectLine app, you can control the volume individually for each program. You can also connect to the ConnectLine system to stream audio from landline phones, LEDs, etc., directly to your hearing aid device.


  • Oticon is the most reliable source of hearing aids in the whole industry. The technology utilized by the Oticon industries is the most advanced and well-established. Moreover, HearingOnCall provides the best Oticon hearing aid services in Cary, IL.