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  • Oticon is the first hearing aid manufacturer to utilize Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology in their products. The historical background and the firm grip of Oticon products in the market provide the required confidence for innovations. Furthermore, the latest 2021 Oticon model and several others are available directly from the HearingOnCall center in Arlington Heights, IL.

In 1992, Oticon released their first device that used theMultiFocus technology and their first programmable, non-linear hearing devices. This new invention laid the base for future hearing aid technologies, which evolved to the level where it stands today. Later on, ReSound joined the race for innovative technologies, and the rest is history. Many hearing aid manufacturers try to compete with these giants but always remain a step behind innovations. Later on, Oticon gained the upper hand by releasing the DigiFocus devices in 1996.

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Arlington Heights is a place of great significant importance. However, even today, many brands are not available in the locality. Therefore, people have to travel downtown to get access to modern equipment. HearingOnCall understands the difficulties faced by its customers and thus established its center in Arlington Heights.

HearingOnCall is an excellent facility equipped with modern technologies and a team of highly professional audiologists. They treat every patient individually by performing appropriate testing and customizing hearing aids. You can quickly get access to Oticon hearing aid and many other reputed brands from their store. Moreover, you can view every product’s prices before even taking an appointment from HearingOnCall in Arlington Heights, IL.

Oticon Products

Oticon is one of the few brands to have a device for everyone. Their wide range of products coversthe necessities in terms of hearing level as well as budget. Here are the most notable products of Oticon available in Arlington Heights:

Features Ruby More Xceed Siya
Hearing loss Mild-moderate severe-profound severe-profound severe-profound
Price Moderate Most expensive Expensive Least Expensive

Oticon Opn S

The original Opn hearing aid devices were introduced back in 2016 and were received significantly by the public. The innovations introduced in the Opn devices made the brand even more popular among the masses. The Opn S hearing aid was introduced in 2019. The S in the Opn stands for brain-hearing technology. According to scientific reports, brain-hearing results in less effort required for hearing and improvises memorizing abilities.

The Opn S hearing aid comes packed with Speech Rescue LX and OpenSoundOptimizer. They further increase the experience. According to Oticon, SR LX optimizes the amplitude frequencies according to environmental conditions. On the other hand, the OSO technology constantly monitors the hearing’s amplification levels and adjusts the sound to it accordingly. Therefore, the Opn S is the best hearing aid for individuals with all levels of hearing loss.

Oticon More

The Oticon More is the successor of the previous Opn S hearing aid devices. It uses the same brain-hearing technology as the base structure. However, further improvements have been made to this new product to optimize the user experience further. For example, the More comes with Deep Neural Network (DNN) that runs onboard Oticon’s new Polaris sound processing platform.

Oticon claims that More provides a 15% improvement in the overall user experience. For instance, the speech understanding and memorizing ability increased by 10-15% compared to the previous flagship Opn S. The 2021 model of More comes with all the essential features such as smartphone connectivity, rocker switch, and a telecoil. Moreover, More devices are IP68 water-resistant for added durability.

Oticon Siya

The Siya is more of a budget-friendly product range of Oticon. The Siya products are available in a wide range of variants and vary significantly in terms of performance. Oticon claims that the Siya lineage is a universal brand suitable for people of all ages. Moreover, the amplification of the devices can be adjusted according to hearing levels individually.

The Siya devices come in a number of different sizes, styles, and audacity. The Velox sound processing technology platform is utilized in these products. Therefore, it ensures stunning performance and customizations.

Oticon Xceed

Xceed is a family of the world’s most powerful hearing aid devices. They are designed especially for older adults and individuals with severe to profound hearing loss. The Velox S platforms allow these devices to achieve up to 146 dB SPL and 87 dBtotal gain at any time.

The same pioneer Brain-hearing technology is also employed in the Xceed hearing aid devices. It comes with all the beneficial features of Opn S and a few improvements for ease of access. The Xceed devices are also suitable for outdoor activities because they include the OpenSound navigator(OPN). The OPN allows individuals to receive 360-degree audio with 100% clarity. All these features combine to provide the ultimate hearing aid experience.

Oticon Children(Variants)

The Oticon is a universal device manufacturer that produces devices suitable for individuals of all ages and hearing abilities. Therefore, the number of variants is also significant. For instance, Opn Play and Xceed Play are two devices designed especially for children and young adults. These devices provide lower power but remain stylish in terms of design and comfort. Moreover, four variants are prescribed for severe-profound hearing loss patients.

As discussed previously, Opnis the flagship device of Oticon. Therefore, it won’t be wrong to expect extraordinary features from these devices. TheOpn Play hearing aids are compatible with the Amigo FM classroom microphone. Moreover, it comes with built-in compatibility with the transmitter, which is significant for teacher-student interactions in the classroom. The ConnectClip microphone is also supported by these devices that allow integration with wireless devices and remote control systems. Thus, you impaired child can now receive standard education with all the other kids’ thanks to Opn Play devices.


  • Oticon is the manufacturer of revolutionary hearing aids since 1992. Their only direct competitor is the ReSound manufacturers, which remains a step behind the race for innovations. Reliable Oticon hearing aid services are available in HearingOnCall Arlington Heights, IL.