Phonak Arlington Heights, IL

  • Are you looking for the best Phonak hearing aid in Arlington Heights, IL? Then look no further because I have answers to all your questions. Phonak is a reputed manufacturer of hearing aids for all age groups. Their products are available in different shapes, styles and sizes. Moreover, these devices allow a wide range of customization for other causes of hearing impairment. However, Phonak devices are only available on certified resellers, such as HearingOnCall in Arlington Heights, IL.

Phonak is a leading listening device maker that offers front line hearing gadgets, including portable amplifiers for kids and grown-ups. Its gadgets provide clear, stable, battery-powered hearing aids, shrewd gadget similarity and remote accomplices to upgrade your hearing experience.

Phonak doesn’t sell hearing aids directly. However, you can check its site to check whether there is a Phonak retailer close to you. A nearby supplier can assist you with picking and customize your new hearing aid. Moreover, you can contact Phonak client care for additional inquiries or backing. HearingOnCall is the only authentic reseller of Phonak hearing aid devices in Arlington Heights, IL.


Phonak is a well-established brand with a wide range of models with multiple variants. In daily life, audiologists have to deal with different types of hearing impairment cases. Each case is different from the other and therefore requires individual attention by the specialist. Therefore, Phonak has to design a product that fulfils the requirements of all kinds of patients.

Some of the notable products by Phonak are:
• Phonak Audeo Marvel
• Phonak Audeo B
• Phonak Virto Marvel
• Phonak Naida Marvel
• Phonak Sky Marvel
• Phonak Bolero Marvel
• Phonak CROS
• Phonak Lyric

Phonak Audeo Marvel

The Phonak Audeo Marvel is a hearing aid best suitable for mild-profound conditions. It is a receiver-in-canal(RIC) hearing aid. It provides clear sound for those with mild to profound hearing loss. The Audio Marvel are the latest Phonak devices and thus offer the best performance than the others.

These devices are highly customizable and also are very easy to modify. There are five Audeo Marvel models to choose from. All these products feature smart device connectivity that allows you to connect wirelessly to your smartphones, LED displays and other media stations using Bluetooth. Moreover, these devices come in customizable colors and have a rechargeable battery.

Phonak Audeo B

Phonak Audeo B is another variant family similar to the previously discussed Audeo Marvel. The only difference between the two is that it doesn’t come with the Marvel technology. The Audeo B has a surrounding sensitive microphone that automatically adjusts to the noise level of your environment. It means that you don’t need to change your microphone amplitude settings every time you switch places. Therefore, it allows for hands-free use wherever you go. You don’t have to touch the device after putting it in your ear.

These devices are available in receiver-in-canal or RIC type of hearing aid. Hence, this model is suitable for people with mild-severe hearing impairment. These devices even have a Bluetooth capability that allows you to pair your hearing aid to your smartphone wirelessly. The hearing aid application is available for free download on both Google Play Store and Apple Appstore.

Phonak Virto Marvel

The Virto Marvel is an in-the-ear or ITE type of hearing aid. This hearing aid also comes with a custom-fit functionality to adjust according to your ear. According to research, there are seven different types and shapes of ears. Therefore, the custom-fit function helps make the Virto Marvel a universal hearing aid device. It allows you to adjust this device perfectly to your ear’s unique contours for comfortable and ergonomic wear.

The Virto Marvel devices are available in several variants. However, most of the models of the Phonak Virto hearing aids are suitable for mild-profound hearing loss. The only drawback is that these hearing aids batteries do not have a rechargeable option. The use of a 10 or 312 zinc-aircell allows only a single yet long-lasting charge before requiring a change of battery. The Virto hearing aids are available in two different shades of colors, i.e., titanium and neutral colors.

Phonak Lyric

The Phonak Lyric is more of a mid-range device from Phonak. This device is placed directly in-the-canal or ITC. The small size and discrete placement location allow the device to remain hidden unless observed from a short distance. It provides a rich and realistic natural sound for mild-moderate hearing loss. Moreover, unlike typical hearing aid, you don’t need to remove these devices every night. It can last for several months on a single placement.

The Lyric hearing aid is designed to be worn full-time for up to several months at a stretch. Moreover, these devices are IP68 certified water-resistant and can even be worn during showers. The only problem is that there is no Bluetooth functionality, and the only connection with a phone is through telecoil.

Phonak Naida Marvel

The Phonak Naida Marvel was introduced recently in 2020. This powerful rest behind-the-ear or BTE. The Naida hearing aid provides a high level of sounds for older adults. These devices are suitable for mild-profound hearing impairment. Such an extensive range of hosts is provided by the strong amplification combined with high customization. This device is Bluetooth-enabled and can be paired with any smartphone for advanced features. Lastly, it is water-resistant up to 10m for 30 minutes and dust-proof, thus suitable for outdoor activity.

Phonak Bolero Marvel

The Phonak Bolero is a behind-the-ear or BTE type of hearing aid that provides a natural sound and comfortable fit. It comes with a built-in replaceable battery that can last for a long time on a single charge. Furthermore, this device is suitable for milt-moderate hearing loss patients. Therefore, older adults, as well as younger people, can use this hearing aid with equal ease. This device has smartphone connectivity and can be paired quickly using a Bluetooth connection.


  • Phonak is the largest producer of medium-ranged hearing aids. Their devices are based on simple but reliable technology. You can get your Phonak hearing aid in Arlington Heights from the HearingOnCall service centre.