Starkey Arlington Heights, IL

  • Starkey is the pioneer of producing hearing aid products that promote worldwide health. Most of the Starkey products are powered by AI and assist in a way that’s unmatched by any other. You can get access to features such as auto-translation if you select a suitable device. Therefore, it won’t be wrong to say that Starkey is the hearing aid industry’s future. However, online purchase of Starkey products is not possible. So, you need to visit a reselling point such as HearingOnCall to receive a hearing aid in Arlington Heights, IL.
The Starkey Lineage:

Starkey comes in a number of various models. Furthermore, these models have sub-divisions or variants that suit every individual’s need for audiological help. In general, Starkey products are available in four models:

Features Picasso Livio Livio AI Livio Edge AI
Bluetooth Limited YES YES YES
Rechargeable NO YES YES YES

Artificial Intelligence or AI is the future of computers. It has completely changed the way human interact with computers and how the computer responds. The advancement of technology has enabled us to integrate a smart computer into a 2-inch device such as a hearing aid. Starkey AI is a premium feature that comes with a smart controlling app called Thrive Assistant. Here are the things you can do with an AI compatible hearing aid:

What is
Starkey AI?

Voice commands

You can use voice commands and ask questions related to the Thrive Hearing app to control your hearing aids or set reminders.  You can even control google assistant or Apple’s Siri using the voice command feature.


Conversations are transcribed into text that can be saved or shared. You can forget about taking notes of a meeting or at school after getting one of these features.

Body tracking

Tracks your daily steps, measures movement and monitors more vigorous physical activity. It is done by integrating the hearing aid with the health app of the smartphone.

Find My Phone

Using your hearing aids and Thrive, Assistant, you can now locate your lost or misplaced phone by having it ring. Android Find my Device also supports the Starkey hearing aids now. Cheers!

Tap controls

Enables you to quickly stop or start audio streaming by simply tapping your ear twice. This feature is mainly found in airdots or AirPods, but now your hearing device can also become one. How cool is that!

Brain tracking

Monitors the brain-health benefits of wearing hearing aids by tracking active listening. Don’t worry! The hearing aid will not take control of your brain. It will only calculate the health benefits you receive without actually interacting with your brain.

“Edge AI” only Features:

Fall detection

Detects when you fall and sends an alert message to selected contacts. Falling on the ground can be hazardous, especially in older adults. It’s best to have someone looking after you all the time.


Communicate with people who speak other languages via a translation tool in the Thrive app. Doesn’t it sound futuristic? Imagine going to a foreign country and understanding everything perfectly. This feature is also beneficial for government employees.

Thrive Care App

The Thrive Care app lets hearing aid wearers share information like physical activity, hearing aid usage, social engagement and more, with pre-selected people. It is an intelligent app that makes your hearing aid even smarter.

Edge Mode

Conducts an AI-based analysis of the environment and makes smart and immediate adjustments. You don’t have to select new settings every time you go out on a walk or to a pub. Your hearing aid device has always got you covered. So, go out and enjoy life.

MultiFlex Tinnitus Pro

Creates a comforting and customizable sound stimulus that you and your hearing professional can fine-tune to soothe the unique, irritating sounds you hear. Tinnitus is an increasing condition among folks. You don’t need to buy extra devices anymore because the hearing aid does it all.


AI-enabled IntelliVoice feature helps improve speech understanding for those with significant hearing loss. Imagine being able to understand every single word of Eminem’s Rap God. Cool! Honestly, this feature will decrease the generation gap between grandpas and their grandchildren.

Picasso is a budget-friendly family of Starkey hearing aid devices. They perform all the essential operations of a hearing aid. However, Advanced AI technology is not present in these devices. Therefore, any average adult can fully benefit from the Picasso hearing aid.

Picasso is a simple, small model that still packs powerful Starkey technology. If you’re less interested in advanced AI technology and health tracking features, this is the perfect model for you. Picasso devices come in several in-the-canal models, meaning they sit entirely in your ear;

they won’t get caught on glasses or a mask,
they’ll be less visible than other styles of hearing aids.

Moreover, similar to Starkey’s other models, Picasso devices come equipped with Bluetooth technology which helps you connect to smartphone, TV and other electronic devices.

Livio AI:

According to Starkey, Livio AI is the world’s first “Health able” hearing aid. That means this hearing aid does more than improving your hearing. Now you don’t need to buy any extra smart devices for smarter life because your hearing aid can do it all. It can control all your electronic devices with just the tap of a finger or by voice commands. It also comes with features that track your health and wellness. The Thrive Assistant application controls all the different features of the Starkey AI for a better user experience. It even tracks your movements, controls the music volume and even translates foreign languages for you. So, you can live a fit and healthy life with all the music in life.


  • Starkey is famous for producing hearing aids well-equipped with technology. The latest model even includes an AI system for providing smart assistance for your hearing impairment. You can purchase most of these devices along with all the features from HearingOnCall in Arlington Heights, IL.