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To make an informed decision regarding hearing aids, you need to correctly understand both your hearing capabilities and hearing disabilities. Many people get caught up thinking about a stylish design or the most modern technology. While these may be suitable for you, our experts can provide you with suggestions based on your lifestyle and specific hearing needs to find the best solution for YOU.

We have outlined below two situations that commonly cause hearing difficulties. Have you experienced these challenges?

Soft Speech

People with hearing difficulty often have trouble hearing quiet conversations and soft noises, even when they are near the person speaking. This could happen while watching TV, talking on the phone, or speaking with a friend. These are some of the situations that need to be taken into account when selecting the right hearing device for you.

Noisy Environment

Every day, we are faced with having to listen to others while surrounded by interfering background noises. This fact of life is particularly challenging to those with hearing loss. They find they are no longer able to interact with their family, friends, and colleagues the way they could before, which can lead to frustration on the part of the listener and the speaker.

If you find yourself facing this difficulty, contact us to set up an appointment with one of our specialists. Modern hearing aids can be programmed to help with this specific listening challenge, and our specialists can find the right hearing aid for your particular situation.


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