Released in fall 2016, the Audéo B70 is just one of the many products in the latest line of hearing aids launched by Phonak.

Belong Platform

The successor to the Phonak Audeo Venture (V70) operates on the company’s latest Belong Platform which offers better audio processing power to produce life-like sound quality.

AutoSense OS

4 audio receiver channels: Calm Situation, Comfort in Noise, Music, and Speech in Noise. The OS automatically adjusts the audio quality on the fly according to the sound environment the user is present in.

FlexVolume and FlexControl

Customizable audio controls through targeted adjustments when communicating with many people at the same time.


  • 16 programming channels for advanced audible clarity
  • 24-hour performance on a single charge; 3-hour time for full charge
  • Auto Acclimatization to adjust to changing sound levels
  • WhsitleBlock to eliminate the humming sound produced by electronic devices