Oticon OPN 3
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  • Royal Blue
  • Diamond Black
  • Chroma Beige
  • Terracotta
  • Chestnut Brown
  • Silver
  • Silver Grey
  • Steel Grey
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Feel the Difference with Oticon OPN S3

The OPN S3 miniRITE has already made a name for itself as the game-changing hearing aids. Upgraded with the latest technologies, the listening device works in harmony with your brain to deliver sounds. It is proven to minimize listening efforts wherever you are.

More Advanced Technology to Follow the Soundscape

Oticon is known to expand its lineup with devices that impress wearers with the flawless performance. While taking a step back from what is considered as obsolete or ineffective, the OPN S3 miniRITE offers many more benefits for wearers, including 50x faster data handling and 100x environmental analysis per second.

In addition to brain support, the hearing aids open the door to more flexible performance. For instance, you can easily talk to several people at the same time without making considerable efforts to differentiate between noise and actual speech. Leave it to the OPN S3 miniRITE and join the world of sounds.

Oticon OPN 3 Is an Award Winner

As a winner of “Tech for a Better World” and “Wearable Technologies” nominations, the OPN S3 miniRITE deserves to be called an undisputed leader on the market today. This device provides wearers with the hearing experience they have never had before.


  • 24 frequency channels.
  • Bluetooth compatibility and network interaction.
  • 12 bands for a personalized listening experience.
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